To document, track and prosecute individuals who claimed responsibility in governmental and public service during the self destructive existence of the European Union in Europe. Responsible for concluding false tax money transfers, illegal agreements and treaties. Installing oppressive bureaucracy and legislation over the free people of Europe. Sacrificing lives and security to keep authority above freedom. Enriching themselves out of tax money and creating the burden of debt for next generations and children living in Europe.


A team of legal specialists and lawyers is being formed and started documenting which individuals claim and/or carry responsibility as leading commissioners of the European Union.

Who are forming the governments of the EU member states.

Salary, bonuses and golden handshakes of people who work in public service for the EU commission or supporting EU member state governments will be registered. As well as all EU payments to individuals and organizations in and out of Europe.


The prosecuted found to be responsible for the illegal operations of the European Union will publicly be confronted with their actions. They will be offered the chance to voluntarily cooperate with the tribunal and hand over all their assets.

A grand jury unlimited in numbers formed by the free people of Europe will decide if defendants will be sentenced for their crimes.

With the permission of the grand jury, repossessed assets will be spent or used publicly so no one can claim ownership. This devaluation is the beginning of the worldwide neutralization of the debt burden illegally forced upon newborns and the children of Europe and the planet.

Any citizen in Europe and the rest of the world can reclaim ownership of the assets repossessed by the Tribunal, true reclaims will possibly be granted by the grand jury.   


The tribunal will track down all footprints of the targeted individuals who are being prosecuted and the organisations they operated.

We sincerely ask the prosecuted to cooperate, because the grand jury of free people in Europe can offer a chance of a public and fair trial.

The ones who choose not to cooperate with the tribunal can become targets in a public manhunt taking place in the power vaccuum which is the outcome of the self destructive setup of those responsible in the European Union.