Merkel and Juncker share the ideology of open borders on the outsides of the European Union. This ideology is breaking the EU Schengen agreement, the Dublin Regulation and Geneva Convention. It is against the sovereignty of countries in Europe and international law.

Refugees and non EU nationals staying in Europe should be protected by the Schengen treaty. Europeans rely on this treaty for protection and freedom. If people can not rely on this treaty because it is broken by their political leaders it is a violation to human rights.

Several humanitarian organisations like the UN and doctors without borders are reporting EU refugee camps throughout Europe are being used for child abuse, forced prostitution and human trafficking. By failing to protect refugees, the EU is failing to protect Europeans.

Next to multiple reports of migrants without legal documents attacking free people living in Europe. This is the moment to show that EU politicians are responsible for acting against freedom and security for their citizens as well as people fleeing from war.

THE EUROPEAN UNION TRIBUNAL is an open portal of transition, a gateway of freedom and security. Everyone walks through unharmed.

In general everyone supports European cooperation, that is what people do, cooperate. But that is not what the European Union is doing under nowadays governance. By breaking their own laws it becomes an illegal operation against the liberties and safeties of the free people of Europe.